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Friday, June 24, 2011

Why Kristen Stewart Should Stick to Her Minis...

Yes, I know, I'm back after an extremely long hiatus. I was inspired to do a post on the gorgeous Kirsten Stewart when I saw her at the recent MTV Movie Awards. I think my title is rather self-explanatory so let's get straight to it...

Love this gorgeous Valentino mini! Her make-up and hair looks great, the red lipstick really pulls off the look together.

Only she would be noncholant enough to wear this mini with her sneakers. Despite what everyone else was saying, I thought the look works... she's young, it's the MTV Movie Awards, and the dress is the kind that can be dressed up or down.

During the Herve Leger bondage dress era (seriously, everyone who's anyone were wearing them!), I thought a lot of starlets bordered on slutty in those dresses. But Kristen manages to make it look fashionable here. I think her make up and hair has a lot to do with it....
I love this Pucci dress though I'm still undecided on the hair

This RM by Roland Mouret dress is just gorgeous... The detailing is subtle from afar but you can see it from the picture below. And her hair!!! Love it!!!

She looks so sexy in this semi-monochrome GUiSHEM dress. I especially like the unusual hem of this dress and the *surprise* back (below).

*Sigh* That trademark bed-head hair of hers... A look I've tried many times but all attempts have failed misreably

I left this outfit to the last cause it's my absolute favourite look of hers. The Reem Acra mini dress is just unbelievably beautiful! And whoever her make-up artist is, he/she just took it to the next level (see below)!!! And her legs go on for miles here... Just too fabulous!

Pictures taken from Google images

Hope you enjoyed that!


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