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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My "ASOS-fix"!

I've been a bit depressed about having to go into work so soon after the big day... So naturally, my mind starts to wander at the office and my fingers starts tapping on the keyboard and before I know it, I'm no longer looking at my (gazillion) emails and.... eh, how'd I get to :D Best part is, the SALE is on! Woot woot!

Some of my recent purchases...

I actually wanted this in Mustard but I had to settle for this  'Rabbit Grey' cause it was sold out. I thought this dress would be great to transition from work to after-work drinks.

I LURVE this skirt, especially the colour (Arabian Spice)!

Again, they ran out of the Nude colour that I wanted so I'll just have to work this dress with bold accessories.
p/s - I'm so into midi skirts/dresses right now.
So I'm now waiting as patiently as possible for my new goodies to arrive! Finally! New clothes to wear to work... exciting stuff!


Pictures taken from ASOS

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