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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Unavoidable Introduction

It seems a bit weird to me to be writing right now... cause at the moment, I'm actually writing to no one. Though I am hoping that my blog will garner interest over time... why else would I start a public blog in the first place right.

I guess the appropriate thing to write right now is to say why I decided to start this up in the first place.

Seeing that I was restless with my job and life in general, my boyfriend suggested for me to start a blog (given that I used to have one and kindda enjoyed updating it). I decided to take up on his suggestion though I thought I'd explore a different 'theme' from my previous blog (previously I wrote about my generic daily life bla bla bla...).

So, I've decided to do a reviews blog! Hence the title (my sister came up with it and it just clicked!). I intend to do reviews on....well... anything and everything that comes to mind (i.e. beauty products, fashion, movies, food, tv series).

However, I should add a disclaimer (the lawyer that I am *rolls eyes*)... I don't think of myself as an expert on any of the subject matters I will be reviewing. I will simply review them from a laymen point of view, which most of the time I find more interesting and helpful. I think experts tend to get too technical.

Also, I'm hoping to improve my non-existent photography skills with the camera I got for my birthday recently. I just love blogs with lots of pictures... no I am not 9... and no, I will not reveal my age just yet... Still a bit sore about getting older.

Anyhoo... I hope you (whoever you are) will be entertained and please feel free to leave your thoughts and views in the comments box. That is the whole point of a blog isn't it? ;) I bet I'm gonna regret saying that...

xoxo (p/s - I'm a Gossip Girl fan)

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