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Saturday, November 13, 2010

My First Review!

When my boyfriend asked me what my first review post will be about, I joked and said "Maybe I'll do a review on you Haha"! I told my friends that and the girls thought it was a great idea and I should actually set up a blog where people can 'review' their boyfriends. The idea was extremely tempting though seeing their boyfriends' faces, I quickly dismissed it from my mind. Maybe some other day :)

As expected and as you can probably tell from the lapse of time between my first post and this one, it took me awhile to figure out what should be the subject of my very first review. Obviously, I have finally decided.

So here goes my first non-expert review...

Genre: Fashion
Subject Matter: (1) Korean Fashion Station - an online shop
                           (2) Cherry Koko - Korean online women's clothes shop


About a month ago, I came across this online shop reviews blog and this one particular website caught my eye... Korean Fashion Station! It's this website that has links to about 10-15 Korean online shops. How it works is that, you choose the items that you like (which ranges from tops, pants, skirts, coats, shoes, bags and jewellery) and email the relevant links to Korean Fashion Station ("KFS"). KFS then gets it agent in Korea to order all those items which will then be shipped over to you. Although KFS is a Malaysian website, it ships worldwide. Please note that agent's fees of 10% per item will be charged along with shipping costs.

KFS really opened my eyes to the fashion scene in Korea. I didn't realise how much of their fashion is so wearable! I guess I have always associated Korea with Japan (I do apologise! It's like associating Malaysia with Indonesia, or Singapore!!!) and let's face it, the fashion in Japan is a bit too out-there for me.

Some of the Korean online shops have extremely chic clothes that can translate from workwear to casual wear which is awesome! Plus, the way they put the outfits together are rather inspiring. Oh and most importantly, it is completely affordable. A nice blouse or skirt ranges from RM50 - RM100.

Anyhoo, I decided to place an order for a few items from Cherry Koko. The clothes were just too beautiful for me to resist. I placed my order with KFS (who were super helpful, btw) last Monday and my package arrived today! Woot Woot!

Check them out...

1. Blouse

You can see that it came in a protective plastic so that crumpling is minimised.

I'm loving slouchy tops right now so this blouse is just spot-on. I can wear it to work or during the weekends, tucked in my skinnies and accessorised with a belt :)

 2. Coat

It was slightly crumpled but nothing a steamer can't handle :)

It even came with its own Cherry Koko hanger

3. Skirt

This really doesn't do the skirt justice...

So I decided to take a picture of me wearing it so you can see the cutting of the skirt... Really pretty :)
 So yes, I am absolutely ecstatic about my new purchases! Am definitely buying more from KFS now that I can see the quality of the clothes is pretty damn good. To me, it definitely trumps the quality of the clothes you get from most of the bangsar boutiques.

Verdict: A big thumbs up to KFS for the excellent service and Cherry Koko for the beautiful quality clothes!!! 

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