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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Coloured Jeans

I must admit, I was a bit skeptical when the 'Coloured Jeans' trend started to pop up on every runway... It's not that I didn't like it cause I LOVED it! But I was just a bit skeptical as to how long it would last... As usual, the celebrities were all out in force rocking the trend...

Looking back, I am sooo glad I went ahead and bought my coloured jeans last year despite my skepticism :D

Topshop Moto Kristen High Waisted Jeans in Cobalt

Zara skinny jeans in green

Judging from the Spring runway, it looks like coloured jeans are still here to stay, so now I'm thinking I need to get a pair of red or rose-coloured jeans :) I love these!!!

1. Rich & Skinny; 2. Rag & Bone; 3. ASOS; 4. Rag & Bone; 5. Habitual; 6. J Brand

Till next time!


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