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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blair Wannabe

Ever since Gossip Girl appeared on our TV/Computer screens 4 years ago, girls around the world came together to "Ooooh" and "Aaahhh" at Serena's and Blair's outfits. It was a revival of our fashion fix after the end of Sex and the City *reminiscing Sex and the City days...*

Ok I'm back. Anyhoo, it was Blair Waldorf who single-handedly brought headbands back into the fashion world. Now, you cannot step foot into a shop without seeing headbands. An online shop is no exception :)

Genre: Fashion 
Subject Matter: (1) Blair Headband from Sereni and Shentel
                            (2) O'deas Headband from Alainn

Headbands purchased from

 Blair Headband from Sereni and Shentel

Sereni and Shentel is a brand of headbands developed by the duo Sereni and Shentel (of course) who are based in East Malaysia. Their collection of headbands are varied though you can still see that they have managed to retain their identity throughout the collection.

I chose the Navy because I thought it'd be easier to match

The day after I got this I wore it to work with a dark emerald cardigan cause I thought the colours went really well together

It even came with its own bag and a care card

I am so pleased I chose this headband. It is dressy without being too fancy making it quite versatile for me to wear it to work or a night out on the town (though I hardly go out on the town anymore hehe).

I'm thinking of getting another Blair but I can't decide whether I should get it in Emerald or Turqoise. Or I might get the Ice Ice Baby. We shall see :)

O'deas Headband from Alainn

I chose Red firstly because it is the nicest colour it has for this particular style of headband and secondly because I don't have any red headbands

It turned out to be a brighter red than the darker red the pictures potrayed on the website but it still looks pretty good

I love the layering of the ribbons. It makes it look so delicate.

This headband is a bit on the fancy side so I definitely can't wear it to work. I'm thinking of wearing it out tomorrow night but I'm still trying to figure out an outfit to go with it. Does anyone else plan an outfit around a headband or is it just me?

Verdict: Lovin' it!!!!

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