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Monday, December 13, 2010

First Movie Review: The Social Network

Ever since I watched the trailer for The Social Network (awesome background music), I knew I had to watch it when it comes out over here. And I finally did...

Genre: Film
Subject Matter: The Social Network

The movie certainly lived up to my expectations. Don't get me wrong though, it's not like the best movie of all time (Clueless, hello??? I'm kidding... Well, kindda) but it was definitely entertaining. The movie told the "true" story of how Facebook was created by these undergrads in Harvard (in their dorm room, I might add... the only thing I ever created in my dorm room was a mess!) and how it did that was it centered mainly on the 2 lawsuits brought against Mark Zuckerberg by firstly, his best friend, Eduardo Sevarin and secondly, fellow Harvard students, the Winklevoss twins (hellloooo, Armie Hammer) and Divya Narendra (is it just me or did the guy in the movie look nothing like an indian dude???).

The movie is actually based on the non-fiction book The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich. So, there's actually a lot of dialogue in it, which some people might not enjoy. How accurate the facts are is arguable as neither Mark Zuckerberg nor any of the Facebook staff or employee were involved in its research. Though according to Wikipedia, the book was based partly on Eduardo Sevarin's input.

The movie is rather fast-paced and the chain of events tend to go back and forth. I thought the dialogue was clever and Mark Zuckerberg's sarcasm made it humorous at times. Mark Zuckerberg was potrayed as arrogant but still lovable, cause at the end of the day, he had the goods to back it up. Given that Eduardo Sevarin seemed to be the only one who had a say in the story, I was surprised that he was made to look like the party-pooper in the film.

Oh, Justin Timberlake was in the movie as well. He played Napster co-founder, Sean Parker. Before the movie came out over here, I read reviews about how awesome Justin was in the movie and that there was already Oscar-buzz for him. After watching the movie, I am seriously wondering who in the world thought he deserved an Oscar?!?!?! He wasn't bad but c'mon, there was no Oscar-worthy performance coming from him, that's for sure. People are crazy sometimes, I think.

Jesse Eisenberg played Mark Zuckerberg in the film... He looks like Mark, no?

Seriously hot!!!
Pictures taken from Google images.

Verdict: Must-watch!

BTW: Rooney Mara was also in the movie... She's set to star in the upcoming The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo based on the same titled book by the late Swedish author and journalist, Steig Larsson. Apparently, she beat more well-known and established actresses (i.e. Natalie Portman and Ellen Page) for the role. Another movie I'm looking forward to...

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