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Thursday, December 23, 2010

First Sex and the City post... Part 1

I can't believe it took me this long to have a Sex and the City post... I even had a Gossip Girl post first! *shakes head in disappointment*

Sex and the City opened my eyes to fashion and I think it's quite safe for me to say that this applies to a lot of girls out there as well. Of course, of all the characters in the series, Carrie Bradshaw's style was my favourite. She had varied looks throughout the series and you can actually see her sense of fashion and style evolve with every season, if not episode. I think what was so special about her was that she was a trendsetter as opposed to a fashion victim. Having said that, I must admit that she had almost as many 'misses' compared to 'hits'. But then again, I think I've had more 'misses' than 'hits' in my life... That's how we grow, no?

So without further ado... My list (without any particular order) of Carrie's most memorable looks from the Sex and the City series... (I'll do the movies in a separate post)

Vintage Carrie 

This vintage dress apparently cost USD9. I love the way it looks like she just threw on the belt just before walking out her door. And her trademark carefree hair complements her look perfectly!
 Colourful Carrie

Not many people would opt for the multi-coloured skirt, let alone pair it with a bright red jacket. But she just makes it work! I love the monochrome shoes!

Boy vs. Girl Carrie

A look I'd love to try to pull off...

 Masculine Carrie

If only I could pull off the look on the left for work... Imagine the looks I'd get turning up to work in short pants... If only more people get fashion!
Swee yet Sexy Carrie

I distrinctly remember falling in love with this dress when it made its 'short' debut. I say 'short' cause unfortunately, she fell into the water with the dress on!

Dior Carrie

I'm sure no Sex and the City follower could forget this dress and Carrie's body in it. She wore this dress again in the first movie (this pic might be from the movie instead of the series) and the audience's intake of breath and subsequent applause in the cinema proved me right. She made this skimpy dress look sexy instead of slutty.

Jackie O Carrie

She definitely pulled of the Jackie O look.

Trendsetter Carrie

Everyone used to think that pearls are only for our grandmothers. Well, Carrie sure proved them wrong (me included). She just looks so chic with the multi-layered pearl necklace which she sets off by wearing her hair up in a high bun. Wearing her hair down would have just made the look messy.

Simple Carrie

When I saw Carrie in this vintage white blazer and vintage mickey mouse t-shirt, I was just blown away. Such a simple outfit yet extremely chic. I bought myself a tailored blazer the very next day!

Corsage Carrie

With Carrie, bigger is always better... Loved her corsage-phase!

Paris Carrie

I think Carrie (or should I saw Patricia Fields) really outdid herself with the two-part series finale. The clothes were just more beautiful and more chic than ever...

Loving the monochrome look here... I especially love her hat.

The big white cuffs on the coat, the flower brooch, the Minnie Mouse-inspired dress peeking out, the grogeous white stilettos... It's just Wow...

This Versace dress just left me speechless...
Pictures taken from Google images
So that's Part 1 of my Sex and the City post...

Part 2 will document her 'misses'...

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